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How to Improve Diversity in your Organization

Improve Diversity

For businesses to stay competitive today, the company must have different experiences, talents and strengths throughout its ranks. This variety can be achieved by employing a diverse workforce. However, this can be tougher than you would have thought. Unconscious biases are not easy to overcome and you and your recruitment ...

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What to Expect From Duty and Taxes When You Travel Internationally

Duty and Taxes When You Travel Internationally

Visiting Canada from the United States is pretty easy. While some might take an airliner to get there, it is also pretty simple—and a wonderful road trip—to drive from one of the northern states across the border. Of course, visiting Canada is one thing but moving—and importing your belongings there—is ...

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Benefits of Taking a Course on Human Resource Management

easy as it looks.

There are several departments and divisions in a company. These departments must function together for the company to achieve its aims and targets. For example, the payroll and accounting division is primarily focused on managing the pay of the clients and to make sure that the employees receive their salaries ...

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