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Don't Be Crazy .... Get Real!

Lucky enough to have a job? Hang on to it, work your new business part-time and divert some of your spare money into paid advertising, to build your business faster.

No spare money from your job? Get a part-time job or cut your costs to MAKE spare money. It takes money to make money (OR it takes a LOT of effort!)

Starting a Part-Time Business?

Not everyone will want to quit their job to start an online business, and despite the smiling chappy above, it would actually be extremely unwise to quit your job right away - if you are lucky enough to have one!

But I'm guessing that one day, some time in the future, you would like your online home business to replace your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) or supplement your pension income. Then you can be in charge of your own destiny, and live a life of freedom, where you work the hours you want, when you want.

It sounds like a dream come true, and it can be so. I ALMOST achieved it myself about five years ago. My online business was earnig about twice what I was earning in my day-job and it was so temping to leave....

Instead I used the money to "do-up" the house, and help my son start his own business.

Thank Goodness I Did NOT Quit My Job!

Literally overnight, the five year old company I had worked hard to promote just folded, taking with it my monthly income AND - most important - the list of contacts that I had worked for and PAID for. By some skulduggery of T&Cs, those leads belonged to the company, even though I had bought them.

What Was My Mistake?

I had not maintained my own list of contacts in an auto-responder under my own control.

If you ask any serious business person what their most valuable asset is, you will find it's their list of contacts, prospects and customers.

If you are not in control of your business contacts you have NO business.

When I lost those contacts to the company that took over the one that folded, I couldn't get in touch with my 5-year-old "list" about joining a new business together - but the new company could, and did! So I lost my future potential as well as that current income. Back to the J.O.B. - and thank goodness I still had it!

Whatever The Business....

At the same time I was also running a complementary health business with a website "sitting pretty" near the top of page 1 of Google. Although I was making sales, I was NOT building a list of visitors to that site. So if they left without making a purchase, they were probably gone for good, and probably to a competitor's site further down the first page of Google!

I now know better, and you can learn from my mistakes, by starting out the right way.

The First Thing To Do When Starting Your Business.... to put in place your list building mechanism, using a program called an "auto-responder" that stores your contact's details and enables you to send them news and promotional items whenever you wish.

The auto-responder and marketing system I am recommending to you today is Pure Leverage. Click here to learn why I recommend you join Pure Leverage.

The best-known industry-standard auto-responders are excellent products. I use two of them already. But... they start you off with a very cheap entry point price, then as soon as your list starts to get to any reasonable size, you'll find the price soaring. And, if you're anything like me, you won't dare move your contacts to a more economical service for fear of losing them when they have to opt-in again to a new program.

Which is why I have ended up paying for THREE different auto-responders, when the capacity of Pure Leverage would hold ALL my lists, for a lower monthly cost. Hmmm....

When you start your business, plan for future growth - go with Pure Leverage from the outset.

AND - Pure Leverage has a built-in income opportunity that can earn you commissions alongside whatever your main business is.

If only I had had an income from sales of Pure Leverage when my main business income collapsed all those years ago!

What will you get?

- complete auto responder system (the money is in your list)
- complete video email service
- blogging platform setup for you to promote your main business
- lead generation system
- complete webinar service
- coaching and training on Internet Marketing and use of your products
- 100% compensation if you choose to recommend Pure Leverage

Note that, until just now, I haven't even mentioned the webinar and video services, but trust me - they will become vital as your business grows!

In Conclusion

When you make Pure Leverage the starting point for your main business, if (perish the thought) it folds, you will still have your contact list - AND a fall-back income from any Pure Leverage sales you have made.

It makes sense. Don't make my mistakes. Start the right way. Learn about Pure Leverage here.

Banner Advertising You Can Earn From


Many people online are reluctant to part with even the smallest amount of money to start their businesses. At one level this is understandable - we've all been scammed in the past!

But it's ridiculous to think you can start your online business with zero cost.

I hope this little program "Crazy About Banners" will encourage even the most timid of online entrepreneurs to dip their toe in the water with this simple program.

A one-time $20 lifetime payment gives you:

  •     2 Banner Ads for life! Change them anytime you like.
  •     2 Text Ads for life! Change them anytime you like.
  •     1,000 Full Page Login Ad Impressions.
  •     Earn $5 for each new member you introduce
  •     PLUS earn on a 2 wide x 20 deep forced matrix

This is a low risk way to earn some money and get high value advertising for an amazingly low price.

It is brand new, so this is the best time to refer others and,because there are so few members still, it is the best time to get your adverts seen by thousands of visitors.

Earn $5 per direct referral, so referring 4 others means your ads are paid for for life!

Then earn 50 cents / person in your downline, down 20 levels:-)

If I knew how to build a program, this would have been it!

If you join nothing else, ever, click here to join Crazy About Banners

Questions? Contact me on Facebook, or if you'd like to learn about the other programs I'm involved with, click here to check out my Plugin Profits Site.

DS Domination in the UK


Recently I wrote enthusiastically about the opportunity DS Domination - you can click here to watch the 5 minute promotional video.

The business model is working well in the USA; it's working well in the UK and my enthusiasm remains.

Being very busy in the "day-job" I haven't had much time until now to put into DSD, beyond watching the training, However I settled down to give it some serious time this weekend.

To update you on my progress, I have found my first potential "deal" in the USA, so have verified that the opportunity for these deals is real.

I experienced a ittle bit of a set-back when I came to place the listing, because - exactly as the training warned - it seems that my dormant UK e-Bay account needs to be a little better established for international trading. This isn't much of a hurdle to overcome and most people who have done any local eBay trading will already have the necessary eBay experience!

By chance there was an offer of free listings on eBay in the UK this weekend so I have tracked down some spare items round the house to list for sale in the UK and hope soon to be able to satisfy the requirements for international trading. (It's that easy!)

Everything is laid out clearly in the DSD training - including the steps to follow if:

  • You have no existing eBay account
  • You have an eBay account in other countries
  • Most straightforward of all, if you already have an account

So while I improve my UK eBay feedback I shall continue marketing the opportunity, which is outstanding. It offers:

  • Very low entry cost, so 80% of members are in profit in month 1....
  • Therefore there is a high retention rate. Why leave if you're making money?
  • Tools within the members' area improve profitability, so encourage member loyalty
  • After the low cost ($19.95 per month) basic membership, there's an optional upgrade to Elite ($100 pcm) for training on even more profitable sites
  • Once you have purchased each training level you can profit every time you sell it on - 75% paid down ten levels of your team
  • Opportunity to purchase and profit from one-off higher ticket courses, with even more specalised and valuable training
  • No-hype hurrying members to upgrade beyond the level they can afford, go at the pace you're comfortabble with

Anyone wanting to offer their contacts a genuine, workable business, should take a serious look at DSD, because the potential, and the low entry cost, mean that it's well worth promoting this for the affiliate program alone, while waiting to establish your eBay account for international trading. Fully detaled presentation here. (Grab a coffee - it really is an in-depth presentation.)

Or, if you saw the potential from the short promotional video.... can join DS Domination and start right away when you click here.

Free List Building Method Here


Just a quick free tip for you today - another way for you to build a list of prospective customers: The Viral Secret.

I know I rattle on a lot about list-building, but it is the most important part of your business. Even more important than building a website!

Not building a list of my own was the biggest mistake I made when i started out online.

My Biggest Online Mistake

In the first niche I started marketing in (health) I had one very unusual page that sat for several years at the top of page 1 of Google. But I hadn't included a way  for visitors to leave their details, so many left without buying!

I'll never know how maany potential customers I lost and as competition has increased, that page has fallen down the rankings so those visitors are almost certainly lost to me forever. In contrast, those people who are on my mailing list return to the site and buy repeat products from me when I mail them reminders.

My Second Biggest Online Mistake

Surprise, surprise - it was another list-building blunder! This time I had learned that I needed a list and had built one over several years, I even paid for leads that went onto the list. But it was managed by the affiliate company I was promoting at the time. And when they closed down - they took my mailing list with them and began promoting something else to "my" leads.

So hopefully you will forgive me for going on about list building.

Click here and The Viral Secret will get you started free. Short video explains how it works.


Example of a DSD Sale


Here's an example of a sale made by my sponsor, using the DSD tools and training (reproduced with his permission).

Remember you do NOT buy these goods until you have received payment from your customer, and you never handle them - they are shipped direct to your customer from your supplier.

More information when you click here to watch this 5 minute video - surprise after about 15 seconds!!

Click here to see a more indepth DSD video that explains the affiliate plan if you are interested in that. (Optional - you will make money from the skill you learn on the training.)

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