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Creating the Perfect Retail Space

If you want to open up a store to sell goods, then you want to ensure that you’ve made the right experience for your customer. Consumer psychology shows that the smallest changes in our environment can drastically impact our decision to buy. In this article, we’ll be telling you how to create a retail space that works for your customers.


The colour is a big influence within a store, as this has a big role to play in our motivation to buy. With the right colours and palette, we’re more likely to feel motivated to purchase. This should tie into the products that you sell, as well as your target audience. You might want to undertake some research with your target audience so that you know more about what they’re looking for.

This should make an overall cohesive design that gives the consumer a high quality experience. Mismatched colours can create a jarring experience, which will detract from our desire to buy. If you make an experience that talks to your visitor, they’ll want to buy with you.

Statement Items

The pieces that really stand out should be few and far between where possible. This will naturally create a focal piece in the store that makes for an attention grabbing moment. This could display your product in a different way or just be a statement item that doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose.

These items are used to great effect in professionally designed stores. Using Interior Architects London based can give you the edge over the competition with a well-designed store. While you can undertake some elements for yourself, if you want to create the best possible experience then you may want to work with a professional designer.


The flow of a store is very important, as this is what guides your visitors in a cohesive way. Dressing the store to account for this flow of visitors is what will make it a success. This can take them from the door all the way to the items that you really want to sell. Again, this is all about making the visitor feel welcome and taking them through the store in an interesting way.

You want to make this as easy as possible for them to make their way through, without any obstacles. Allowing for routes around the store will make the customer want to stay and buy, rather than wanting to leave. A restrictive environment can seriously impact the amount of time that a consumer wants to stay in your store. If they don’t stay and browse through the products, then you’re missing out on opportunities to sell your product.

The high street is more competitive than ever these days, so you’ve really got to stand out when you’re selling a product. By creating this kind of atmosphere for your visitors, you will make a good impression. With big brands spending a lot of cash on consumer research, it makes sense that you should take this into account too.

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