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How to Improve Diversity in your Organization

For businesses to stay competitive today, the company must have different experiences, talents and strengths throughout its ranks. This variety can be achieved by employing a diverse workforce. However, this can be tougher than you would have thought. Unconscious biases are not easy to overcome and you and your recruitment team are likely to be turning off diverse prospects from the job openings. There are changes to be made to increase your hiring ability.

Improve Diversity

Rewrite the Job Postings

Hiring diverse candidates can be challenging when there are not applying for the job openings in the first place. But the wording of your job posting can discourage them applicants from reaching out to your organization. There are certain phrasings in your job listings which indicate a preference for men and repel qualified women applicants. If you want to hire more female employees, never post job listings which specify footballs a perk of your company. To increase your chances of hiring female candidates, publish job listings which have more inclusive terms. Make sure you specify that you are in need of resilient and creative employees and emphasize job benefits such as a wellness program and a flexible schedule.

Improve Diversity

Think about Blind Interviews

Even if you have carried out honest efforts, it can still be uneasy to overcome long-held and subtle biases. A number of job candidates are likely to overcome these by changing their names to ensure they don’t sound ethnic and some women may even change or shorten their names to androgynous or male names also for this reason. However, although this is likely to get their resumes looked, this can work against them in terms of in-person interviews.  Eliminate such bias by changing your interview process to blind interviews. Eliminate names from resumes and ask your hiring staff to carry out interviews by written questionnaires, phone or electronic communication. With this, you hire candidates based only upon their merits with no influence of the unconscious biases of the interviewer.

Improve Diversity

Alter the Recruiting Strategy

Conventional recruiters may not be enough for attracting the diverse and qualified candidates you want. The most valuable candidates are those who have more willingness in considering your company when you use other recruitment strategies.

In terms of recruiting diverse prospects, your present team can be a huge asset for job opening. As you take into account a pool of qualified candidates, invite the tea m’s members to represent your organization. You can also invite possible employees to your company who can interact with the team. This is helpful in letting prospects feel they have obtained an unfiltered view of the culture of your company.

Engineers at work

Another strategy is same-level callbacks. This involves somebody who have an equal position in your company being the potential candidate and making the callback, instead of hiring a hiring manager or recruiter. Also, think about instituting an employee referral program. Employees may interact with others in their field beyond the workplace and have a better idea of diverse and qualified prospects looking to get hired. If you want to know more about better hiring strategies, consider getting the services of a diversity consulting firm.

Improve Diversity

Author Bio: Jon Lundbergd is an employee recruitment expert. He has been working for a diversity consulting company for more than a decade now.


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