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How to Nail Your Big Presentation

Some people are not natural-born speakers and the idea of giving a presentation can be awful. Here are some tips for you to use no matter what situation you find yourself in. These techniques can be used for all sorts of presentations.

Relax Beforehand

If you are stressed in the run-up to the presentation, that will show when you come to deliver it. The night before, implement a full self-care routine in whatever form works best for you. You could go to the gym, get a massage, or read your favourite book. Just make sure that you are pushing the thought of your presentation to the back of your mind and allowing yourself to relax.

On the day, take a moment to breathe before you have to actually deliver the presentation. Focus yourself and prepare for what is about to come.

Arrive Prepared

Nothing can get you more worked up than a silent audience watching you as you attempt to wrangle a projector to life. While some technology sometimes just refuses to work, you should always know what equipment the venue has to offer. If possible, try to visit before the event and get to know everything that you will be working with.

If you are using a digital presentation, make sure that you have access to it on multiple sources. Pen drives, cloud accounts, and email systems should all carry a copy of the presentation to ensure that, if one source cannot be accessed, you have another ready and waiting.

Body Language and Delivery

Sometimes it is the simple basics that can help you shine. Wear an outfit that not only looks professional but helps you to feel the most confident you can. Make sure you stand tall and steady and don’t forget the importance of eye contact.

If you feel nervous, choose three points around the room and sweep your eyes between them so it looks like you are looking at more people than you actually are.

A Killer Presentation

If using visual aids, make sure that they are succinct and relevant to the topic at hand. Tools like Bright Analytics data visualisation can help you to convert your raw data into interesting and informative infographics.

Don’t be afraid to sprinkle a few jokes or anecdotes in there too if appropriate, even in a big corporate setting. You want everyone to think that the overall presentation was memorable and there are so many ways you can easily achieve this.

Practice Beforehand

The best thing you can do is practice beforehand. Make sure you know your material inside and out so you are able to answer any questions afterwards. Give the presentation to friends and family; it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand the technical context as they can give you feedback on performance.

Presentations can seem really intimidating but there are many ways in which you can ensure that you nail it. Just remember to relax and project confidence and you are well on your way to success. Good luck!

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