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How to Use Instagram to Connect with Other Channels

Linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts will permit you to post your messages and pictures on both platforms. As a result, you can drive a Facebook following to Instagram, as well as the other way around. You can share links to your Instagram page from other social media channels to drive more traffic as well.


An Engaging and Cost-effective Approach

Using this approach will not only help you gain an online presence that is memorable, it will keep you engaged with your fans and followers on a number of social media platforms. By making these kinds of connections, you will be able to truly integrate a marketing strategy that is not only engaging, but cost-effective as well.

When you use this approach, you will gain real Instagram followers as well as bona fide fans and followers from other social media platforms. When you link all the channels, you stand just that much more of a chance to become a marketing success online.

Gaining an Edge in the Marketplace

Today, SEO is not the sole means of generating traffic. If you focus solely on search traffic, you are missing the point of marketing on the Internet. Social media is now the major source of site traffic, and as everyone knows, extra traffic is synonymous with opportunity.

The obvious platforms to use in your marketing efforts are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. However, you also have to consider your type of business and the type of customers you are trying to attract. In most instances, you will find that Instagram will cover a broad range of retailers and customers.

Share Quality Posts Online

By linking Instagram to other platforms, you can leverage your platforms to increase the amount of referral traffic to your website. In order for the whole process to succeed, you need to keep your platforms primed with engaging and quality content. Make sure you have plenty to share with your audience.+


Keep users engaged and interested by feeding your social profiles with relevant and interesting content – something that has to be done if you want to turn your social media following into actual conversions.  Therefore, include a link to your site in all your social profiles. Also, add links to your company’s images, posts, and bio.

Begin a Blog

If you have not written one already, begin a blog. You need to add fresh content regularly to keep people interested. Use the blog to keep your social media pages filled with fresh content. Also, don’t forget to include social media advertising. Social media ads are an ideal way to drive traffic to your site. Ads can be targeted to specific individuals and linked back to landing pages from your website.

Every company has a different strategy when it comes to social media. Some companies use every platform that is available, whilst others make use of one or two sites. Regardless of the broadness or narrowness of your strategy, make sure you maximise your influence by taking advantage of the opportunities available on the key social media sites.

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