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Making Business Travel Work

If you own a small business or are an independent contractor, it can be fun to combine business and pleasure. It is not always affordable or productive. Here are a few tips to make business travel an affordable and effective tool for business.

  • Don’t travel when you don’t need to

Some business meetings are important to do face to face. It seems like most work these days can be done on the phone or by email. Consider video conferencing for important clients. Traveling less frequently can let you have better trips when you do go.

Business Travel Work

  • Book package deals

Use travel services, such as Great Value Vacations, to find package deals. You can often save 30-50% if you book hotel, air fare and rental cars together.

  • Save the receipts

Take advantage of tax write-offs when you travel. Make sure you or your employees save every receipt and log expenses and mileage. It  adds up faster than you think. If you don’t spend a lot on food when you travel, talk to your accountant about taking a flat rate per-diem off your taxes. Receipts are not required and the deduction can turn out to be more than you actually spent.

  • Turn travel into a bonus

Have competitions between your staff, to see who gets the right to go on business trips for your company. For example, you could have a sales contest to see who gets to go across the country to meet with a big client. Whoever wins will be a go getter who will impress that distant client. Include fun non-work activities or cash to spend on entertainment, while they are away.

  • Combine work and vacation

Working vacations can save you money. Read the rules or speak to your accountant on what constitutes work expenses when it is combined with recreational travel.  But perhaps you could seek out new business by yourself for a day or two, while your spouse takes the kids on an adventure, when you are done with work, then you are free to have fun together.

Whatever clever tricks you can use to be able to get away from the office, it will do you good. You will be able to expand your business to remote locations as well give yourself some well deserved adventure.

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