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TIG Welding Socket Welds on Copper Nickel Pipe 101

Odds are if you’ve been searching for act as a pipe welder within the ship building industry, you’ve been requested if you’re able to weld copper nickel or CUNI pipe. Well, a realistic look at this metal is it welds similar to stainless with one exception. That’s copper nickel is simpler to weld than stainless since it takes heat in the arc far better.

This metal uses almost exactly the same amperage settings with one primary issue. Cold lap can generate problems when welding since it is hard to see transmission. The weld puddle appears like it’s penetrating and also the weld appears like it’s ran in to the joint but there might be spots which have not. Copper nickel absorbs heat perfectly so it’s fine to weld it on the greater amperage setting. Another common issue when welding CUNI is travel speed. The weld must have a copper color into it much like stainless. The particular weld puddle has the appear and feel of stainless and aluminum simultaneously. Many welders describe the puddle as “muddy” if you travel too gradually the pipe have a dirty appearance that’s similar to a smoke coating.

Within the finish, CUNI pipe is simple to weld and every one of the large fuss recruiters make about welding experience is blown from proportion. Most welders who’ve never welded this metal can approve with only a couple of hrs of practice.

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