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Why Your Company Should Use a Recruitment Agency

Hiring new talent for your business can be a very arduous process that takes up a lot of time and effort on top of your regular commitments. To speed things along, you could use a recruitment agency to make sure you are getting the best possible candidate. Here are some top reasons why you should consider using a recruitment agency to fill your next vacancy.

They Will Save You Time

A recruitment agency is ideal for anyone who does not have any time to spend looking through endless applications for the gems. They are able to sort through everyone and only pass on who they believe to be the best candidates for the job. They can also take care of every task you need them to, including setting up interview time and space and notifying unsuccessful candidates.

Think of them as the ultimate middleman, helping you to find the best person possible for your job. The more you work with them, the greater help they will become. As you hire more candidates through them, they will learn about the types of people you like and are more likely to employ, and you will therefore see more and more of this type of candidate sitting opposite you during interviews.

Knowledge of the Market

One of the big advantages of choosing to hire through a recruitment agency is their wide market knowledge. Devonshire Recruitment specialises in Marketing, Content, and Translation amongst their many services. They know exactly what makes a good candidate for these industries and can recognise key talent that will help to grow their client’s businesses.

What’s more, they have many contacts throughout the business world who might make excellent employees for you. These candidates may not even submit an application to your first round of advertisement if you were to handle it for yourselves. If not for the recruitment agency essentially head-hunting them, they would not know about the opportunities you have on offer.

They Can Help Relieve Your Stress

If your company has a high level of turnover or needs to hire a large amount of staff at one time for a seasonal event, you may use a recruitment agency just to handle the sheer volume of applications. A small HR department might become swamped under the amount of work they need to do but a dedicated recruitment agency can help to make some sense of the madness. They can deal with all the important details like checking qualifications and right-to-work before sending you a collection of eager candidates ready for interview.

These are all tasks you would otherwise have to do yourselves. If you have more responsibilities within your company, they can become neglected if you were to only focus on recruitment. However, your contact at the recruitment agency is here to ensure that this does not become the case.

Recruitment agencies can help with any number of industries and sectors. Have a search to find one that can help you today!

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